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our sun
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date:may 31st 2003.
equipment: canon eos 10d, with a telextender and the vixen.
notes:the orion fullaperture glass sunfilter gives very nice colors (compared to the baader-film). i took about 320 images, one every 20 images. three compositions are available here
click to open (mpeg movie 352x288 4.5 Mb) click for larger version (lineup of different faces) click for larger version (late face, )
date:may 7th 2003.
equipment: nikon coolpix 885, with a 3x telelens giving 6x optical zoom.
notes:i made a little sunfilter from a sunfilter-lookingglass. the aperture of the system was a little below 5 cm.
click to open (java animation 210x210 6Mb!)

date:july 7th 2002.
equipment: creative webcam and the vixen at primary focus.
notes:my third go at our sun. 3 images stacked with astrostack. i also took a few photos with my old minolta sr-t 100x though the vixen, on 400 iso dias film, and i will post thoose when i get the film developed.
click for larger version (578x392 26Kb)

date:june 29th 2002.
equipment: creative webcam and vixen in primary focus.
notes:my second picture of our sun. this is a mosaic of 6 untreated images.
click for larger version (640x625 44Kb)

date:june 27th 2002.
equipment: creative webcam and vixen in primary focus with a barlow 2x lens.
notes:my first crack at taking pictures of our sun. 4 images stacked in astrostack.
click for larger version (640x480 36Kb)

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